Our mission is to empower ambitious women of color and allies to create positive change for each other and the world.

I was fortunate to come from a village of strong women. I could not have forged my path without their struggle, care, and support. Creating this collective is the most tangible way I know to be of service to others.

Bridgid Coulter

Blackbird Intention

The intention is to build a community with access to diverse resources for the incredible women of all stripes who are striving to make their own mark around the globe. Now with Blackbird, we have a space to find each other.

Bridgid Coulter

Blackbird Symbolism + DNA

As a totem the blackbird holds extraordinary meaning. Blackbirds represent knowledge. These impressive animals are known for their intelligence and quick wit. People aligned with this totem are capable of manifesting these qualities with great facility.